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Today's Idiom = "A Blessing In Disguise"
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A Blessing In Disguise ( a good thing that you don't recognize at first ... )

"A Blessing In Disguise"

"A blessing in disguise" is a good thing that you don't recognize at first as a good thing.

Example: "The hotel is full tonight; we will need to find a new place to stay." Answer: "Maybe it's just a blessing in disguise; I've been wanting to try a new place anyway."

Some people believe that good things are really "blessings" (gifts from God), that we don't always recognize for what they are at first.

Example: "I lost my job and was upset at first, but I found a better one and have been much happier since." Answer: "Losing your job was just a blessing in disguise!"

It is as if the good thing (a blessing) were wearing the clothes (in disguise) of some other thing, so at first you do not see it as the good thing that it really is.

Example: "My car broke down again, but maybe it was a blessing in disguise; I've been wasting too much time driving around anyway."

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