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Today's Idiom = "Go Cold Turkey"
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Go Cold Turkey ( quit taking an addictive drug by stopping immediately ... )

"Go Cold Turkey"

You go cold turkey when you suddenly stop taking a drug which you had been taking regularly.

Example: "Did it take you a long time to quit smoking?" Reply: "No. I just went cold turkey, and I never smoked again."

Smoking cigarettes and drinking alcohol are habits that can cause problems for people. People go cold turkey when they want to immediately stop the problems an addictive drug is causing.

Example: "I want to quit drinking right now. As of this moment, I am going cold turkey."

Going cold turkey is when you stop taking some habit forming drug (such as smoking or drinking) by stopping completely, all at once. It can be uncomfortable ("cold") at first, even painful, for a person to go cold turkey.

Example: "My doctor gave me morphine for pain after the surgery, but he gave me less each day so I would not need to go cold turkey."

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