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Today's Idiom = "Cross Your Fingers"
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Cross Your Fingers ( hoping it happens that way ... )

"Cross Your Fingers"

An old superstition says that if you cross your fingers (usually two fingers of the same hand) it will bring good luck.

Example: "I don't know what I will get for my birthday, but I am crossing my fingers that it will be a bicycle."

You cross your fingers when you try to make something happen by wishing that it will happen. A common saying: "Let's cross our fingers and hope for the best."

Example: "Good luck on your test tomorrow. We'll be crossing our fingers for you!" Reply: "Thanks."

The meaning of don't cross your fingers changes a bit. It means don't hope too much for what you want to happen, because there is a strong chance that it might not happen. It means that you should not have expectations that are too high.

Example: "It would be great if our team won today, but don't cross your fingers."

Example: "We are hoping that John will get accepted to medical school, but we are not crossing our fingers."

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