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Today's Idiom = "Crying Wolf"
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Crying Wolf ( calling for help when you don't really need help ... )

"Crying Wolf"

To cry wolf is to call for help when you are not really in danger.

Example: "Mom, Dad! Can you come to my room? I think there is something under my bed!" Reply: "Son, you just go back to bed, and stop crying wolf."

There is a story about a boy who liked to cry "Wolf!" pretending that he was going to be eaten by a wolf. When people came running to help him, they found the boy laughing because he was not really in danger. This happened a number of times until people stopped believing him when he cried, "Wolf!" Finally, the boy was attacked by a real wolf and no one came to save him because they all thought he was just crying wolf.

Example: "I'll be in the other room, so call me if you need me. But no crying wolf."

To cry wolf is to call others for help when you do not really need help. Crying wolf results in other people not believing you when you really do need their help.

Example: "Hey that kid on the other team fell down. He looks hurt." Reply: "Oh, not that kid. He's always crying wolf."

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