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Today's Idiom = "Icing On The Cake"
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Icing On The Cake ( a second great thing happens in addition to the first ... )

"Icing On The Cake"

When one great thing happens, then another great thing happens on top of it, the second thing is the icing on the cake.

Example: "Today I was promoted to head of the department! And they decided to raise my pay!" Answer: "Wow! Icing on the cake!"

We all love to eat delicious cake, and sometimes the cake has an extra sweet layer of icing on the top; that is the icing on the cake.

Example: "Your wife is beautiful to look at, and she is a wonderful person!" Answer: "True; it's icing on the cake."

Example: "We won the case, and they are going to pay our legal expenses." Answer: "That's the icing on the cake."

Example: "I've been accepted by the university, and they've offered me a position on the basketball team!" Answer: "That's wonderful! Icing on the cake."

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