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"Amount" Idioms & Phrases with "Amount"
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keyword: Amount
Amount To Something »
(become something important...)

Amount To The Same Thing »
(the two are equal; there is no difference between them...)

Set Someone Back Some Amount Of Money »
(one had to pay that amount of money; it cost that much...)

A Drop In The Bucket »
(it does not matter; it is a small amount; it seems like a very small amount...)

A Drop In The Ocean »
(it seems like a very small amount...)

A Great Deal »
(very much; a lot; a large amount...)

A Landslide Victory »
(won by a large amount; a huge victory...)

A Lick Of Work »
(a small amount of work...)

A Little Bit »
(a small amount; not a lot...)

Breaking Even »
(getting back the same amount of money that you spend...)

Even Steven »
(children's saying which means both have the same amount...)

Float A Loan »
(put up an amount of money to be loaned...)

Split Something Fifty Fifty »
(share so that both get the same amount...)

Split The Difference »
(share the amount that is extra...)

Take A Licking »
(to lose by a large amount...)



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