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"Angry" Idioms & Phrases with "Angry"
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keyword: Angry
A Chip On Your Shoulder »
(angry because of what happened in the past...)

Able To Take Just So Much »
(losing patience; becoming angry...)

At The End Of One's Rope »
(one cannot be patient any longer; one is ready to become very angry...)

Bear A Grudge Against Someone »
(continue to be angry about it; not willing to forgive...)

Blowing Your Top »
(getting angry and yelling out of control...)

Expressing Your Anger »
(communicate in a way that allows the other to see that one is angry...)

Fed Up To Here With It »
(tired of and angry about it...)

Fit To Be Tied »
(very angry; so angry that one could strike out...)

Fly Off The Handle »
(become angry and start yelling; lose one's temper...)

Forgive And Forget »
(forgive a person for what they have done, and not continue to be angry...)

Full Of Hot Air »
(speaking a lot of angry words; saying things that are not true...)

Get A Dirty Look From Someone »
(the person has an expression which shows they are angry or upset with you...)

Get Into Hot Water »
(get in trouble; another is angry at one...)

Get Mad At Someone Or Something »
(be angry at that person; become angry because of what that person did...)

Get Worked Up Over Something »
(get angry or upset about what happened...)

Got A Bee In Her Bonnet »
(informal: very upset; angry; disturbed...)

Have A Bee In One's Bonnet »
(angry and upset about something...)

Have A Bone To Pick With Someone »
(be angry at someone and want to discuss it with that person...)

Have A Conniption Fit »
(get very upset and angry in a childish way...)

In A Huff »
(quickly and angrily; angry and without patience...)

No Hard Feelings »
(let's not be angry; I am not angry; please don't be angry...)

See Red »
(become so angry that one can only feel the anger and is not able to think...)

Set Someone Or Something On Fire »
(something made him very angry...)



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