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"Another" Idioms & Phrases with "Another"
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keyword: Another
A Horse Of Another Color »
(one who does things differently from others...)

Get Another Think Coming »
(what will happen is not what you are expecting; the result is not going to be good for you...)

If It's Not One Thing, It's Another »
(too many things are going wrong, one after another...)

A Copycat »
(one who thoughtlessly copies the work of another; one who copies the work or actions of another...)

A Ripple Of Excitement »
(a feeling of excitement moving in one or from one person to another...)

An Act Of Faith »
(one does it because one believes in God or has confidence in another person...)

Bend Over Backwards »
(inconvenience yourself to help another...)

Buck Up »
(feel better; make another feel better...)

Bump Into »
(one's body accidentally hits another; one did not plan to meet the other...)

Carry Something Over »
(continue something which was started in another place...)

Change Hands »
(given from one person to another person...)

Eat One's Heart Out »
(be jealous of another; sometimes a loser is taunted with this statement...)

Find One's Way Around »
(learning how to get from one place to another place...)

Fish For A Compliment »
(try to get another person to say something good about you...)

Follow In Someone's Footsteps »
(do something that another has done, and try to do it the way they did it...)

Free Translation »
(translating from one language to another, without using a dictionary...)

From Hand To Hand »
(it passed from one owner to another...)

Get Around »
(move from one place to another place; spend time with lots of different people in different places...)

Get Into Hot Water »
(get in trouble; another is angry at one...)

He Layed Down This Life For Her »
(one is killed while while helping another...)

In Disguise »
(pretending to be someone else; trying to look like another...)

In Other Words »
(here is another way of saying it; i will try to explain it again...)

In Single File »
(standing in line; waiting one person after another person...)

On One's Own Time »
(when one is not being paid by another...)

On Someone's Behalf »
(acting for another person; representing that person...)

Out Of One's Way »
(not something one had planned to do; one did it to help another...)

Pulling Your Leg »
(making a joke by tricking another person...)

Share Someone's Pain »
(feel care and understanding for another person who is in pain...)

Shipping And Handling »
(the cost of mailing a package from one place to another...)

Show Someone The Ropes »
(teach a person how to do that thing; share ones skill with another...)

Take A New Turn »
(there has been another change in plans but it is different from earlier changes...)

Take A Rain Check On That »
(agree to do that thing at a future time; we will do it another time...)

Take Pity On Someone Or Something »
(feel badly for another person's trouble...)

Take Someone Or Something Away »
(take that one to another place...)

Two Wrongs Don't Make A Right »
(it is never right to do wrong to another person...)

Within Hailing Distance »
(close enough to gain the attention of another ship...)

Yield The Right Of Way »
(Stop or slow and wait while another crosses or moves ahead...)



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