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"Any" Idioms & Phrases with "Any"
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keyword: Any
Any Port In A Storm »
(a person will stop anywhere or ask anyone when help is needed...)

In Any Case »
(either way; if either result happens...)

Without Any Strings Attached »
(one is not expecting any "payment" for doing it...)

Around The Clock »
(during any hour of the day; 24 hours...)

At The End Of One's Rope »
(one cannot be patient any longer; one is ready to become very angry...)

Clean Out Of Something »
(don't have any more of that thing...)

Dirty One's Hands »
(one is not innocent any more; one has done something to make one guilty...)

Do Away With Someone Or Something »
(get rid of that thing; not have it any more...)

Falling From Grace »
(losing popularity and not the favorite any more...)

Far And Away The Best »
(much better than any others...)

For A Lark »
(not for any good reason; just or fun...)

For Free »
(it does not require any money...)

For The Heck Of It »
(less rude way to say: for no reason; not for any good reason...)

For The Hell Of It »
(overly casual: for no reason; not for any good reason...)

Get A Load Off One's Mind »
(not worry about that thing any more...)

In The Nude »
(not wearing any clothes...)

On A Lark »
(unplanned; just for fun; not for any reason; the decision was made quickly and casually...)

Out Of Date »
(old; cannot be used any more; expired...)

Out Of Fashion »
(people do not do that or wear that any more...)

Sick And Tired Of Someone Or Something »
(one wishes that thing would stop; one does not want it to happen any more...)

Split Up »
(not together any more; separated...)

Year Round »
(It happens all during the year; it does not stop during any part of the year...)



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