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"Away" Idioms & Phrases with "Away"
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keyword: Away
A Far Away Look »
(a look in ones eyes when one is not focused on the present moment; the way a person looks when they are thinking of other times or places...)

A Hearbeat Away »
(it is very close to happening...)

A heartbeat Away »
(it is very close to happening...)

A Stone's Throw Away From Something »
(close enough that you could throw a stone and hit it...)

Be A Million Miles Away »
(far away; it feels like one is far away...)

Carried Away »
(one is so excited that one does too much...)

Do Away With Someone Or Something »
(get rid of that thing; not have it any more...)

Eating Away At You »
(that thing has been bothering one a lot...)

Explain It Away »
(finding different reasons to explain why it happened...)

Far And Away The Best »
(much better than any others...)

Get Away From It All »
(escape from one's problems or difficulties...)

Get Away With Something »
(do something bad but not be discovered...)

Get Carried Away »
(have such strong feelings while doing something that one does too much...)

Hammer Away At It »
(do that thing again and again; do it repeatedly...)

Just A Stone's Throw Away From Something »
(very near to it; it very nearly happened...)

Pass Away »
(this is a polite and gentle way to say "die"...)

Shy Away From Someone Or Something »
(not do something because it makes one a little afraid...)

Slip Away »
(go away quietly; leave without people noticing...)

Squirrel Something Away »
(save for the future...)

Take Someone Or Something Away »
(take that one to another place...)

When The Cat's Away, The Mice Will Play »
(when the person of authority is away, the others act less responsibly...)

A Hop, Skip, And A Jump »
(not far away from where we are...)

Beat A Hasty Retreat »
(go back; run away quickly...)

Cast About For Someone Or Something »
(try to find away to learn or get something...)

Do A Double Take »
(look at something, look away, then look back at the thing a second time...)

Eat And Run »
(eat ones food and then leave right away, which can be considered rude...)

Facing You Down »
(stare at a you until you quit and turn away...)

Get A Big Send Off »
(a big party to celebrate that you are leaving; a going-away party...)

Get A Life »
(rude way to say stop bothering other people; focus on your own life; go away; stop bothering us; we don't want you here...)

Get Set »
(prepare oneself to begin right away...)

Go Fly A Kite »
(go away; leave!...)

I'm Off »
(one is leaving; one will go away...)

In Storage »
(put away to be used at a future time; it is packed up and stored...)

Jump Bail »
(one has given money to the court to get out of jail temporarily, then one runs away...)

Keeping One's Nose To The Grindstone »
(working away and not letting oneself be distracted...)

Look Someone In The Eye »
(be direct with that person; do not hide; do not turn away when that person looks at you...)

Look Someone In The Face »
(face the danger; do not hide; do not run away; accept the problem...)

Out Of Earshot »
(they cannot hear us because they are far away...)

Slip Out »
(leave quietly; go away without making noise...)

Take A Hike »
(rude way to tell someone to "go away" because they are not wanted...)

Take A Long Walk Off A Short Pier »
(rude way to tell someone to "go away"...)

Take Off On Something »
(lose hold of something and have it run away...)

Tied To One's Mother's Apron Strings »
(the child is afraid to go away from the mother...)

Wouldn't Touch Something With A Ten Foot Pole »
(It is safer to stay away from that...)



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