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"Back" Idioms & Phrases with "Back"
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keyword: Back
A Crick In One's Back »
(a soreness or pain felt in the person's back...)

Back And Forth »
(moving in one direction then turning and moving in the opposite direction...)

Back Down From »
(decide to not fight...)

Back East »
(said by a person from the East when talking about the East...)

Back In Circulation »
(one is seen again after being gone for a long time...)

Back Me Up »
(help me; give me your support...)

Back Off »
(move back to give more space; not be so agressive...)

Back Order Them »
(order a product and wait for it to arrive before giving to customer...)

Back The Wrong Horse »
(choose to support the one who will not win...)

Back To Back »
(one thing happens immediately after the other thing...)

Back To Square One »
(must start again from the very beginning; must begin again...)

Back To The Drawing Board »
(make new plans and start again from the very beginning...)

Be The Straw That Broke The Camel's Back »
(the last thing that happened after which one said "no more"...)

Behind Your Back »
(it happened without one knowing about it; they kept it a secret...)

Date Back To Sometime »
(comes from that earlier time...)

From Way Back »
(from a long time ago...)

Get Back At Someone »
(get revenge against someone...)

Get Back Into Circulation »
(begin to go out and see others after not having gone out for some time...)

Get Back On One's Feet »
(able to move around after having been unable to walk due to sickness or injury...)

Get Back To Someone »
(communicate with someone at a later time about a question they have...)

Get Off Someone's Back »
(stop bothering that person...)

Go Back To The Drawing Board »
(start over again...)

Laid Back »
(relaxed; calm; at ease...)

Like Water Off A Duck's Back »
(one does not let that thing bother one...)

On Someone's Back »
(bothering that person; demanding things from that person...)

Scratch Someone's Back »
(help that person; do something to help that person...)

Set Someone Back Some Amount Of Money »
(one had to pay that amount of money; it cost that much...)

The Straw That Broke The Camel's Back »
(one last thing that finally made the you upset...)

Think Back On Someone Or Something »
(remember that thing...)

With Your Back Up Against The Wall »
(restrained from acting as you would like...)

You Scratch My Back And I'll Scratch Yours »
(if you help me then I will help you too; let's help each other...)

Beat A Hasty Retreat »
(go back; run away quickly...)

Breaking Even »
(getting back the same amount of money that you spend...)

Do A Double Take »
(look at something, look away, then look back at the thing a second time...)

Extend Someone Credit »
(allow a customer to pay at a future time for goods given now; lend someone money to be paid back later...)

Extending Credit »
(allow a customer to pay at a future time for goods given now; lend someone money to be paid back later...)

In Debt »
(one owes money; one has borrowed money but not yet paid it back...)

In Retrospect »
(looking back on what happened...)

Rub Salt In An Old Wound »
(to intentionally bring back the pain of an past experience...)



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