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"Because" Idioms & Phrases with "Because"
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keyword: Because
Just Because »
(it is that way and there is no deeper reason for it...)

A Bitter Pill To Swallow »
(it is difficult to accept but necessary because of what happened...)

A Chip On Your Shoulder »
(angry because of what happened in the past...)

A Credit To Someone Or Something »
(it happened because of the good qualities of that person...)

A Gold Mine Of Information »
(very valuable because they have many answers to important questions...)

A Labor Of Love »
(you do it because you love it...)

A Little Bird Told Me »
(a person who I will not identify whispered this secret to me; I know because this secret was whispered to me...)

A Little Hard Work Never Hurt Anyone »
(it is good to work hard sometimes; one should not complain about working hard because it is a good thing...)

A Little Knowledge Is A Dangerous Thing »
(people who have only a little knowledge about something often make big mistakes because they think they know more than they actually know...)

Able To Breathe Easily Again »
(feel comfortable again because the danger is gone...)

All Work And No Play Makes Jack A Dull Boy »
(a children's rhyme that says one is bored - and boring - if one only works; a person who only works becomes boring because doing fun things makes life interesting...)

An Act Of Faith »
(one does it because one believes in God or has confidence in another person...)

An Act Of God »
(an accident caused by nature, such as bad weather; not because of what people did...)

Bringing It Home »
(you understand it because it affects your life...)

Down With Some Disease »
(because of sickness one is unable to get up and go out...)

Feel The Pinch »
(one has less money to spend because of hard times...)

For Kicks »
(that stupid action was is done because one thinks it is funny...)

Get A Lump In One's Throat »
(feel unable to speak, often because of strong emotion...)

Get Mad At Someone Or Something »
(be angry at that person; become angry because of what that person did...)

Get Time Off For Good Behavior »
(one's jail time has been shortened because one was good while in jail...)

I Don't Belong Here »
(I am not like the others at this place; I should not be here; I am not comfortable here because i am different...)

In Your Own Best Interests »
(because it helps you...)

Laughing All The Way To The Bank »
(one is happy because one got a lot of money...)

On Duty »
(one is responsible for it because one is working...)

Out Of Earshot »
(they cannot hear us because they are far away...)

Out Of Necessity »
(it needed to be done; it was done because it was necessary...)

Protest Too Much »
(you tend not to believe a person because they insist too strongly that something is not true...)

Shame On Someone »
(one should feel bad because one did a bad thing...)

Shy Away From Someone Or Something »
(not do something because it makes one a little afraid...)

Take A Hike »
(rude way to tell someone to "go away" because they are not wanted...)

Take It Or Leave It »
(this is the last offer; either accept or reject this proposal because there will be no more adjustments...)

Take One's Medicine »
(you don't like to do it, but it is necessary because it is good for you...)

To Err Is Human, To Forgive Divine »
(when people do things wrong we should try hard to forgive them because all people make mistakes...)

Turning Up Your Nose »
(rejecting others because they are not good enough...)

Wasting Your Breath »
(wasting time talking because that person is not listening...)

You Can't Take It With You »
(wealth and belongings are not what is most important because you will die someday and they will be useless to you...)



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