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"Better" Idioms & Phrases with "Better"
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All Better Now »
(what was sick or problematic is now happy, healthy, resolved...)

Better Late Than Never »
(doing it late is better than not doing it...)

Better Safe Than Sorry »
(it is better to be careful than to risk making a big mistake...)

For Better Or For Worse »
(said when two people marry, their commitment to stay together in good times and bad times...)

Get Better »
(feel well again after being sick...)

Had Better Do That »
(do that thing, or there will be a problem...)

Take A Turn For The Better »
(the situation has recently gotten better...)

Think Better Of Something »
(have a better feeling towards...)

Two Heads Are Better Than One »
(two people working together solve problems better than each person working alone...)

A Bird In The Hand Is Worth Two In The Bush »
(don't risk losing what you have by trying to get more; it is better to value what you have than to try to get more...)

A Breath Of Fresh Air »
(refreshing; it makes you feel better; a change that feels good...)

A Cut Above »
(better than the others...)

Above Average »
(better than most...)

Above Par »
(better than average; more than expected...)

Act High And Mighty »
(act like one is better or more important than others...)

Beating Him At His Own Game »
(doing the thing that the other person does well, but doing it better and winning...)

Buck Up »
(feel better; make another feel better...)

Cheer Someone Up »
(do something to make a person feel better...)

Cheer Up »
(feel better...)

Do Someone Good »
(do something which makes the world better...)

Do Someone's Heart Good »
(doing that will make the person feel better...)

Far And Away The Best »
(much better than any others...)

Get A Handle On Something »
(be able to control it better...)

Get Off Your High Horse »
(stop thinking that you are better than other people...)

Get Something Out Of One's System »
(do something that you feel the need to do; say something in order to feel better...)

Hands Down »
(easily; clearly; it is easy to say that one is better than the others...)

Practice Makes Perfect »
(the more you practice, the better you will become...)

Show Someone Up »
(do better than that person in a place where others can see...)

Sight For Sore Eyes »
(i am happy to see you; seeing you makes one feel better...)

Things Are Looking Up »
(the situation is getting better...)

Throw Some Light On Something »
(help to understand that thing better...)



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