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"Catch" Idioms & Phrases with "Catch"
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keyword: Catch
Catch A Whiff Of Something »
(suspect something; get an idea...)

Catch Hell »
(get in trouble for it; get yelled at...)

Catch On To Someone Or Something »
(discover what is being done...)

Catch One Off One's Guard »
(surprise someone when they were unprepared...)

Catch One With One's Pants Down »
(surprise someone when they were totally unprepared...)

Catch One's Breath »
(rest for a moment; stop to let one's breathing slow...)

Catch One's Death Of Cold »
(one is afraid that one will become very sick with a cold...)

Catch Some Zs »
(casual way to say "sleep"...)

I Didn't Catch Your Name »
(i was not able to hear your name so please say it again...)

Live On Borrowed Time »
(something is going to catch you...)

Slip Through Someone's Fingers »
(one was not able to catch it; one was close but could not grab it...)

Take Off After Someone Or Something »
(leave in a hurry to catch them...)



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