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"Cause" Idioms & Phrases with "Cause"
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keyword: Cause
A Lost Cause »
(one will lose; it is impossible for that one to succeed; one has no chance to win; one should expect to lose; it will surely fail...)

Cause A Commotion »
(make a lot of noise and be noticed by others or bother others...)

Cause A Stir »
(cause people to look and ask questions or make comments...)

Cause Some Eyebrows To Raise »
(make people wonder what you are doing or ask why...)

Cause Some Tongues To Wag »
(do something that gives people reason to talk about you...)

Digging Your Own Grave »
(the thing you are doing will surely cause your failure; you are doing things which will cause you to fail...)

Drawing Attention »
(doing things that cause others to notice...)

Fix Someone's Wagon »
(do something to cause a problem for that person; get revenge...)

Get To The Root Of The Problem »
(discover the cause of the problem...)

Looking For Trouble »
(doing something that will cause problems...)

Raise Cain »
(to disturb others and cause trouble...)

Slow Someone Or Something Down »
(cause one to go slower...)

What One Doesn't Know Won't Hurt One »
(it would cause more trouble if that person knew what happened...)



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