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"Change" Idioms & Phrases with "Change"
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keyword: Change
A Change Of Pace »
(doing it differently from the way it was done before...)

A Change Of Scenery »
(moving to a new location...)

Change Hands »
(given from one person to another person...)

Change Someone's Mind »
(do or tell something which causes a person to have a different opinion...)

Change Someone's Tune »
(that person has changed what they believe and what they are saying...)

Change The Subject »
(talk about something different...)

Have A Change Of Heart »
(one's feelings about doing something have changed...)

A Breath Of Fresh Air »
(refreshing; it makes you feel better; a change that feels good...)

Do A Flip Flop On Something »
(decide for something, then decide against it; change one's position irresponsibly...)

Do An About Face »
(turn around to face the opposite direction; change one's position completely...)

Fixed In Your Ways »
(not wanting to change how you do things...)

For The Moment »
(this is the plan for now, but it may change...)

If It Ain't Broke, Don't Fix It »
(it is already working well, so don't change it...)

Set In One's Ways »
(not wanting to change...)

Take A Hard Line With Someone »
(not be willing to compromise or change one's opinion...)

Take A New Turn »
(there has been another change in plans but it is different from earlier changes...)

The Writing On The Wall »
(the signs of a coming change...)

You Can't Teach An Old Dog New Tricks »
(it is difficult to change old habits...)



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