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"Clear" Idioms & Phrases with "Clear"
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keyword: Clear
Clear As A Bell »
(one understands it very clearly...)

Clear Sailing »
(comfortable and easy; with no disturbance...)

Clear The Table »
(move dirty things off of the table so it can be clean and ready for use...)

Free And Clear »
(not guilty; not held responsible for what happened...)

Have A Clear Conscience About Someone Or Something »
(one does not feel guilty about it...)

Out Of A Clear Blue Sky »
(it was sudden and unexpected...)

Steer Clear Of Someone Or Something »
(avoid that person...)

A Case In Point »
(an example which makes clear what you are trying to communicate...)

Brought To Light »
(it became clear...)

Get The Facts Straight »
(one is clear about what has happened; one knows the information...)

Hammer It Home »
(say it repeatedly in different ways so it is clear...)



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