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"Come" Idioms & Phrases with "Come"
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A Dream Come True »
(a wonderful thing which one had wished for has really happened...)

A Harbinger Of Things To Come »
(it shows us what will happen in the future...)

A Portent Of Things To Come »
(a demonstration of what will happen in the future...)

A Sign Of Things To Come »
(the thing that happened will happen more often in the future...)

A Taste Of Things To Come »
(some knowledge of what the future will be like...)

Easy Come, Easy Go »
(something which we get easily can be lost easily also...)

Easy To Come By »
(something that can be found easily...)

First Come, First Served »
(people will be helped in the order that they arrive; the first one to arrive will be served first, etc....)

Johnny Come Lately »
(one who has just arrived; a newcomer...)

Until The Cows Come Home »
(for a very long time...)

At Wit's End »
(not able to come up with a solution...)

Call For Someone Or Something »
(ask for that one to come...)

Hail From »
(come from that place...)

Step Right Up »
(come closer; you are next...)



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