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"Comfortable" Idioms & Phrases with "Comfortable"
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keyword: Comfortable
A Bed Of Roses »
(a situation that feels comfortable and easy...)

Able To Breathe Easily Again »
(feel comfortable again because the danger is gone...)

At Home »
(the place where one lives; comfortable...)

Breaking The Ice »
(making people feel more comfortable...)

Clear Sailing »
(comfortable and easy; with no disturbance...)

Downhill All The Way »
(easy, comfortable, and not requiring a lot of effort...)

Familiar With It »
(comfortable with it...)

Fat And Happy »
(comfortable, lazy and well fed; taken care of...)

Feel At Home »
(relax; let yourself feel comfortable...)

Feel Fit »
(one's body feels strong and comfortable...)

Find One's Feet »
(begin to feel comfortable in a new job...)

Finding Your Feet »
(feeling more comfortable in what you are doing...)

Fit Like A Glove »
(this piece of clothing fits perfectly and feels very comfortable...)

Free And Easy »
(with a very comfortable, relaxed feeling...)

Fun And Games »
(not serious; easy and comfortable but not meaningful...)

Get A Feel For Something »
(beginning to feel comfortable with it...)

Get Along With Someone Or Something »
(they feel comfortable together...)

Get Into The Swing Of Things »
(feel comfortable participating in what is going on...)

Get The Feel Of Something »
(feel comfortable doing something...)

Get The Lead Out »
(move ones body, so one is more comfortable moving...)

I Don't Belong Here »
(I am not like the others at this place; I should not be here; I am not comfortable here because i am different...)

In One's Element »
(one is very comfortable in that situation...)

Like Two Peas In A Pod »
(they fit together very well; they are comfortable with each other; two people who are similar and fit well together...)

Old Hat »
(experienced; one who is very comfortable and familiar doing that...)

On Easy Street »
(rich; comfortable and easy as one imagines it will be if one becomes rich...)

Out Of One's Element »
(one is not familiar nor comfortable...)

Take It Easy »
(relax; let oneself feel free and comfortable...)



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