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"Coming" Idioms & Phrases with "Coming"
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keyword: Coming
Coming Clean »
(telling the truth and confessing what you did...)

Coming Down To Earth »
(become more realistic...)

Coming In Handy »
(it was convenient to have that thing...)

Coming Into Your Own »
(becoming confident, unique and independent...)

Coming Of Age »
(you are old enough to do it...)

Coming Out On Top »
(as the match is ending, you are the winner...)

Coming To Grips With »
(accepting that that thing is happening...)

Coming To Terms With It »
(learning to accept it and beginning to feel okay about it...)

Coming To The Crunch »
(now is the busy time...)

Coming Unstuck »
(no longer held together...)

Everything's Coming Up Roses »
(things are turning out great...)

Get Another Think Coming »
(what will happen is not what you are expecting; the result is not going to be good for you...)

Get What's Coming To One »
(one has acted badly and deserves some kind of punishment...)

Where One Is Coming From »
(with an understanding of the other persons situation and needs...)

A Ripe Old Age »
(a fun way to refer to a person coming to an older age...)

The Writing On The Wall »
(the signs of a coming change...)

Throw One's Voice »
(make it sound as if one's voice is coming from a different place...)

What's Keeping You? »
(We are waiting; why are you still not coming?...)



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