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"Continue" Idioms & Phrases with "Continue"
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keyword: Continue
Bear A Grudge Against Someone »
(continue to be angry about it; not willing to forgive...)

Belaboring The Point »
(continue talking about it...)

Carry On Somehow »
(find a way to continue...)

Carry On Without Someone Or Something »
(continue working after one is gone...)

Carry Something Over »
(continue something which was started in another place...)

Down For The Count »
(one is not able to continue, like a fighter who has fallen and cannot get up...)

Forgive And Forget »
(forgive a person for what they have done, and not continue to be angry...)

Get Along Without Someone Or Something »
(one is able to continue after the other is gone...)

Get By With Something »
(able to function or continue with only that thing...)

Let's Call It Quits »
(let's stop working; let us not try anymore; we should not continue our effort...)

Live And Learn »
(we learn from our mistakes; if bad things happen, we learn from it and continue...)

Not Able To Go On »
(cannot continue...)

Throw In The Towel »
(quit the match; give up in a game; one does not have the strength to continue...)



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