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"Could" Idioms & Phrases with "Could"
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keyword: Could
A Stone's Throw Away From Something »
(close enough that you could throw a stone and hit it...)

Armed And Dangerous »
(that person has a weapon and could use that weapon...)

At Risk »
(there is a possibility that it could be lost or harmed...)

At Stake »
(what can be gained or lost; this thing could be lost...)

Behind Closed Doors »
(in a place where no one could see it happen...)

Behind The Scenes »
(done by people who could not be seen...)

Die Laughing »
(one laughed so violently that one could not control one's actions...)

Every Nook And Cranny »
(in every little place where the thing could be...)

Everything But The Kitchen Sink »
(one brought everything one could bring...)

Fit To Be Tied »
(very angry; so angry that one could strike out...)

Skate On Thin Ice »
(taking a risk; doing something dangerous; it could have a very bad result...)

Skating On Thin Ice »
(doing something which is risky and could fail badly...)

Slip Through Someone's Fingers »
(one was not able to catch it; one was close but could not grab it...)

Who Would Have Thought? »
(It was a surprise; no one could have guessed...)

Within A Stone's Throw Of Something »
(Close enough that you could throw a stone and hit it...)

You Scared Me Out Of My Wits »
(what you did frightened me so that I could not think clearly...)



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