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Today's Idiom = "Cutting Your Losses"
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Cutting Your Losses ( quitting when you are losing, so that you won't lose even more ... )

"Cutting Your Losses"

"Cutting your losses" is selling the thing at a low price because you think it will go even lower.

Example: "I bought this stock at 50 dollars a share, and it is down to 40. I am going to cut my losses."

If you buy a thing and the value goes down, it is a loss. "Cutting your losses" is selling the thing before the value goes down even more.

Example: "I bought this car as an investment, but it keeps breaking down." Reply: "You should just cut your losses."

To cut your losses is to stop doing that thing before losing more than you have already lost.

Example: "We expected more profit from you when we bought your company. We are cutting our losses."

Getting rid of the thing you think is making you lose is trying to "cut your losses".

Example: "If this shop keeps losing money, we are going to have to cut our losses."

When you sell something that is already losing money, you cut your losses.

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