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"Down" Idioms & Phrases with "Down"
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keyword: Down
Back Down From »
(decide to not fight...)

Batten Down The Hatches »
(prepare for a big storm...)

Catch One With One's Pants Down »
(surprise someone when they were totally unprepared...)

Clamp Down On Someone Or Something »
(not allow it to happen anyway; become more strict...)

Coming Down To Earth »
(become more realistic...)

Down For The Count »
(one is not able to continue, like a fighter who has fallen and cannot get up...)

Down In The Dumps »
(upset, bothered, sad; feeling sad, low, depressed...)

Down On One's Luck »
(one has been having bad luck lately; bad things have been happening...)

Down On Someone Or Something »
(finding faults with or criticizing that one...)

Down South »
(the southern part of the country...)

Down The Drain »
(it has disappeared and it gone; it is lost...)

Down The Hatch »
(drink that drink now; swallow the entire thing now...)

Down The Street »
(nearby to where one is; on the same street that one is located...)

Down The Tubes »
(it is lost and gone; the thing got ruined...)

Down To Earth »
(realistic; grounded; not fake; not pretending; easy to talk with naturally...)

Down To The Wire »
(it is close to the finish; there is little time left; we do not yet know who will win...)

Down With Some Disease »
(because of sickness one is unable to get up and go out...)

Facing You Down »
(stare at a you until you quit and turn away...)

Force Someone Or Something Down Someone's Throat »
(force one to do something that they don't want to do...)

Get Down To Brass Tacks »
(talk about serious, business-like things...)

Get Down To Business »
(talk about a formal or official matter; doing the most important thing...)

Get Down To The Facts »
(talk about what really happened; stop wasting time talking about opinions...)

Get Down To The Nitty Gritty »
(work on the small details of the project; think and talk about the many small details...)

Get Down To Work »
(begin working; stop wasting time...)

Hand Me Down »
(used clothing given from older children to younger children...)

Hands Down »
(easily; clearly; it is easy to say that one is better than the others...)

Have Something Down Pat »
(you can do that thing perfectly; by memory; with no mistakes...)

He Layed Down This Life For Her »
(one is killed while while helping another...)

Laying Down On The Job »
(acting lazy; not work when one should be working...)

Laying Down The Law »
(make the rules that others must follow; be strict; say what the others must do...)

Look Down On Someone Or Something »
(not respect that one...)

Nail Someone Or Something Down »
(force them to commit to something...)

Scale Something Down »
(make the plan smaller; do something less difficult...)

Settle Down »
(relax; calm down; live a more relaxing life; stop moving...)

Simmer Down »
(relax; quiet down; take it easy; don't be so upset...)

Slow Someone Or Something Down »
(cause one to go slower...)

Split Down The Middle »
(the results are exactly the same on both sides...)

Tied Down »
(something is tied so that it cannot go up...)

When The Chips Are Down »
(When things are not going well; how one feels when one is losing...)

Wind Down »
(Begin to relax...)

Write Something Down »
(Write something on paper to help to record or remember it...)

A Drag On Someone »
(something which pulls at ones strength and slows one down...)

Bite The Dust »
(fall down...)

From Dawn To Dusk »
(all day, from the moment the sun comes up until the moment it goes down...)

Get A Load Off One's Feet »
(sit down; rest...)

Show Someone To A Seat »
(let that person know where to sit down...)

Take A Load Off One's Feet »
(to sit down and rest after standing or walking for a long time...)

Take A Nosedive »
(suddenly go down very quickly, like when a crashing airplane heads to the grown nose first...)

Take A Shower »
(bathe while standing with water showering down on one...)

Take A Spill »
(fall down so that one hits the ground and continues rolling or tumbling...)

Word For Word »
(Write something down exactly the same...)



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