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"During" Idioms & Phrases with "During"
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keyword: During
All Day Long »
(during the length of the entire day...)

All Night Long »
(it happened during the entire evening; it did not stop happening during the night...)

All Year Round »
(it happens during all of the months of the year...)

Around The Clock »
(during any hour of the day; 24 hours...)

Carry A Secret To The Grave »
(not tell a secret during one's entire life...)

For The Duration »
(during the time while it is happening...)

From Start To Finish »
(during the entire race; from the beginning to the end...)

From The Cradle To The Grave »
(during one's whole life; from one's earliest days of ones life, until one dies...)

Sit Through Something »
(one stays seated during the whole time...)

Take One's Break »
(take the regular rest period during work...)

Thunder »
(the sound that comes from big clouds in the sky, often after flash of lightning or during rain...)

Year Round »
(It happens all during the year; it does not stop during any part of the year...)



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