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"Else" Idioms & Phrases with "Else"
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keyword: Else
Or Else »
(or there will be a punishment...)

A Prelude To Something »
(an introduction to something else which will happen...)

All Well And Good »
(what you are saying may be true, but there may be something else more important...)

Get Something To Go »
(order food that you will eat someplace else...)

Go It Alone »
(be the only one; do it or go there without anyone else...)

In Disguise »
(pretending to be someone else; trying to look like another...)

Jump On The Bandwagon »
(join everyone else in what they are doing...)

Jump Through A Hoop »
(to get something done, one has to do something else which should be unnecessary...)

No Ifs, Ands, Or Buts About It »
(it must happen this way; nothing else is acceptable...)

Order Something To Go »
(you will take it with you and eat it someplace else...)

Pass The Buck »
(blame what happened on someone else...)

Say Something In A Roundabout Way »
(speak indirectly; try to communicate one thing by saying something else...)

Talk Shop »
(talk about work with someone else who knows that work...)

There's No Place Like Home »
(home gives us a special feeling that nothing else can give us...)



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