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"Every" Idioms & Phrases with "Every"
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Every Cloud Has A Silver Lining »
(even bad things can have a good result...)

Every Last One »
(all of them must be included; not even one of them can be forgotten...)

Every Living Soul »
(every one that is alive...)

Every Minute Counts »
(we must hurry...)

Every Moment Counts »
(we must hurry...)

Every Nook And Cranny »
(in every little place where the thing could be...)

Every Now And Again »
(sometimes, but not frequently...)

Every Now And Then »
(it happens sometimes, but not often...)

Every Once In A While »
(it does not happen often, but it happens sometimes...)

Every Time You Turn Around »
(it seems to happen very often...)

Hang On Your Every Word »
(listen closely and react to every word you say...)

From This Day On »
(starting today, and including every day after today...)

The Daily Grind »
(the hard work that one does every day...)

Year After Year »
(It continues to happen every year...)



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