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"Feels" Idioms & Phrases with "Feels"
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A Bed Of Roses »
(a situation that feels comfortable and easy...)

A Breath Of Fresh Air »
(refreshing; it makes you feel better; a change that feels good...)

An Aching Heart »
(one feels the pain of loss or want; one is pained by losing or wanting something...)

Be A Million Miles Away »
(far away; it feels like one is far away...)

Chilled To The Bone »
(very cold; one feels the cold very deeply...)

Feel Fit »
(one's body feels strong and comfortable...)

Feel Something In One's Bones »
(one has a knowledge about something, and feels that knowledge as a deep sensation in one's body...)

Fit Like A Glove »
(this piece of clothing fits perfectly and feels very comfortable...)

Fresh As A Daisy »
(feeling fresh and clean; the way one feels after bathing...)

From The Bottom Of One's Heart »
(one feels the emotion very deeply and truthfully...)

Get A Frog In One's Throat »
(one feels unable to speak; one feels like something is blocking one's throat...)

Get Goose Bumps »
(one's skin feels tingling due to an emotion such as love, sadness or fear...)

Get Goose Pimples »
(one's skin feels tingling due to an emotion such as love, sadness or fear...)

Have A Frog In One's Throat »
(one wants to speak but at that moment feels unable to speak...)

In Awe Of Him »
(that thing amazes you; one finds it awesome; one feels totally alive and awake watching that...)

On Cloud Nine »
(one is so happy that one feels light and weightless...)

Second Nature To Someone »
(it feels natural and easy for that person to do...)

Split One's Sides With Laughter »
(laughing so hard one feels a pain in the gut...)

Time Flies »
(it feels like time is passing quickly...)

When One Is Good And Ready »
(One will not do it until one feels ready; one is feeling stubborn and will not be forced...)

When The Chips Are Down »
(When things are not going well; how one feels when one is losing...)



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