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keyword: Full
A Few Cards Shy Of A Full Deck »
(something is lacking in that person; the person is being described as crazy or stupid...)

At Full Speed »
(as fast as one can go...)

Full Blast »
(the engine is going at full speed...)

Full Of Beans »
(not truthful; dishonest...)

Full Of Bull »
(telling lies; saying meaningless things...)

Full Of Hot Air »
(speaking a lot of angry words; saying things that are not true...)

Full Of It »
(this person says things which are not true; a liar...)

Full Of Oneself »
(overconfident; caring only about oneself...)

Full Of The Devil »
(being playfully bad; acting mischievously...)

Full Steam Ahead »
(use all power to go straight forward...)

Get Into Full Swing »
(moving at full speed...)

Filled To The Brim »
(so full that no more can be added without spilling...)

Forty Winks »
(a full night of sleep...)

I'm Jacked Up »
(lift that person up; make that person feel excited and full of energy; energize...)



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