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"Fun" Idioms & Phrases with "Fun"
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keyword: Fun
Fun And Games »
(not serious; easy and comfortable but not meaningful...)

A Gas »
(a really fun time with lots of laughing...)

A Night On The Town »
(that person will go out to have fun at different public places...)

A Ripe Old Age »
(a fun way to refer to a person coming to an older age...)

All Work And No Play Makes Jack A Dull Boy »
(a children's rhyme that says one is bored - and boring - if one only works; a person who only works becomes boring because doing fun things makes life interesting...)

Early To Bed, Early To Rise, Makes A Man Healthy, Wealthy, And Wise »
(this fun old rhyme reminds us that going to bed and waking up early leads to success...)

For A Lark »
(not for any good reason; just or fun...)

Got A Bang Out Of It »
(I really enjoyed it; it was fun and exciting and gave me pleasure...)

Hang Around With Someone »
(spend time with that person; spend casual time together having fun or relaxing...)

Have A Ball »
(have fun; have a nice time...)

Jazz It Up »
(make it more interesting and exciting; add something to make it more lively, colorful, fun...)

Live It Up »
(have fun; enjoy yourself...)

On A Lark »
(unplanned; just for fun; not for any reason; the decision was made quickly and casually...)

Out Of Hand »
(not under control; crazy; fun...)

Woe Is Me »
(Often said to make fun of someone who is feeling sorry for himself...)



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