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"Getting" Idioms & Phrases with "Getting"
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keyword: Getting
Getting Burned Out »
(becoming so exhausted that you don't care anymore...)

Getting Even »
(getting revenge...)

Getting Wise To You »
(become aware that someone has been doing something they were not supposed to do...)

Advanced In Years »
(getting old...)

Along In Years »
(getting old; reaching old age...)

Blowing Your Top »
(getting angry and yelling out of control...)

Breaking Even »
(getting back the same amount of money that you spend...)

Burn The Candle At Both Ends »
(too busy working late at night and not getting sleep...)

Burning The Candle At Both Ends »
(working for many hours without getting enough rest...)

Doing Your Homework »
(getting ready; preparing yourself...)

Falling Ill »
(getting sick...)

Flying Off The Handle »
(getting upset and going out of control...)

Get A Charley Horse »
(a painful spot on one's thigh after getting hit...)

Get Along In Years »
(getting older; becoming an older person...)

Riding The Gravy Train »
(getting money from...)

The First Step Is Always The Hardest »
(Everything is easier once you have already started; getting started is the hardest part...)

Things Are Looking Up »
(the situation is getting better...)



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