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"Give" Idioms & Phrases with "Give"
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Give A Blank Check To Someone »
(give someone the freedom to spend as much money as they think they need...)

Give And Go »
(pass it, then run to where you can receive a pass...)

Give Credit Where Credit Is Due »
(recognize the person who is responsible for the success...)

Give Him The Slip »
(to escape from that person...)

Give Him The Third Degree »
(tell that person what not to do...)

Give Someone A Ring »
(call him or her on the telephone...)

Give Someone A Slap On The Wrist »
(give that person a mild punishment for what they did wrong...)

Give Someone The Runaround »
(give that person excuses and false answers...)

I'd Give My Right Arm For That »
(I really want that...)

I'll Have To Give You A Rain Check On That »
(give a promise to do that thing at a future time...)

A Tower Of Strength »
(a person whose is so strong that they can support and give strength to others...)

Back Me Up »
(help me; give me your support...)

Back Off »
(move back to give more space; not be so agressive...)

Charge Someone Or Something Up »
(give someone reason to get excited...)

Delivering The Goods »
(give them what they paid money to get...)

For Instance »
(for example; give an example...)

Fork Something Over »
(to give something that you don't want to give...)

Hand It Over »
(give it to me now; give me that...)

He Bailed Out »
(to quit early; give up; abandon...)

In Short »
(I will now give a short explanation of what I am trying to say...)

Put Your Best Foot Forward »
(go ahead and give it your best try...)

Roll Out The Red Carpet »
(to give a grand welcome to an important guest...)

Say Uncle »
(quit; give up; say that you lost; admit that you are the loser...)

Shell Something Out »
(give the thing even though one does not want to give it...)

Stop At Nothing »
(not quit; not give up...)

There's No Place Like Home »
(home gives us a special feeling that nothing else can give us...)

Throw In The Towel »
(quit the match; give up in a game; one does not have the strength to continue...)

Throw One's Hands Up In Despair »
(give up; decide that one cannot win...)

Whet Someone's Appetite »
(give a bit of something so one wants more...)

You Got Me There »
(I have to give you credit for discovering my error; I cannot disagree with what you have said...)



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