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"Head" Idioms & Phrases with "Head"
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Bang One's Head Against A Brick Wall »
(trying to do something which is not possible...)

Beat It Into Your Head »
(repeat this until you understand and remember it...)

Bite Your Head Off »
(respond angrily to you...)

Falling Head Over Heals In Love With You »
(feel strong love for one in a way that is overwhelming...)

Falling Head Over Heels »
(feel strong love in a way that is overwhelming...)

From Head To Toe »
(the persons entire body, including all of their skin...)

Get A Head Start On Someone Or Something »
(begin running the race before the other one...)

Go Over Someone's Head »
(one did not understand it; it was too complicated...)

Have A Good Head On One's Shoulders »
(bright; intelligent; resourceful...)

Head Over Heels »
(totally and uncontrollably in love...)

In Over Your Head »
(the situation is too difficult for you...)

Keep A Civilized Tongue In Your Head »
(talk politely; not use rude words...)

Lost His Head »
(he got so upset that he lost control of his actions...)

Off The Top Of One's Head »
(one thinks it up quickly and easily; without help or preparation...)

Over My Head »
(I don't understand it...)

Hands Up »
(raise your hands up above your head...)



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