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A Fine How Do You Do »
(describes a greeting from someone who was rude...)

A Taste Of Something »
(a try of something to see how one likes it...)

Battle It Out »
(fight to decide how it will be done...)

Do Justice To Something »
(communicate something in a way that really shows how good it is...)

Find One's Way Around »
(learning how to get from one place to another place...)

Fixed In Your Ways »
(not wanting to change how you do things...)

Get Lost »
(not know where on is; go to where one does not know how to find things; become confused or forget; leave this place...)

Live In An Ivory Tower »
(not understand how most people live their lives...)

No Buts About It »
(it will be this way; this is how it will be...)

Show Someone The Ropes »
(teach a person how to do that thing; share ones skill with another...)

Size Someone Or Something Up »
(try to decide how good that one will be...)

The Nuts And Bolts Of Something »
(the details of how the thing works...)

What Makes Something Tick »
(How does it work?...)

When The Chips Are Down »
(When things are not going well; how one feels when one is losing...)

You Can Lead A Horse To Water, But You Can't Make It Drink »
(you can show people how do do things, but people must help themselves...)



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