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"Into" Idioms & Phrases with "Into"
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keyword: Into
Beat It Into Your Head »
(repeat this until you understand and remember it...)

Bump Into »
(one's body accidentally hits another; one did not plan to meet the other...)

Check Into Something »
(study up and learn about something...)

Coming Into Your Own »
(becoming confident, unique and independent...)

Falling Into His Trap »
(be tricked by that person's plan...)

Falling Into Place »
(it is as it should be; it will be good...)

Far Into The Night »
(until very late...)

Get Back Into Circulation »
(begin to go out and see others after not having gone out for some time...)

Get Into A Jam »
(get stuck; get into trouble; have a problem that you cannot escape...)

Get Into A Mess »
(be stuck in a situation that is difficult to manage...)

Get Into An Argument With Someone »
(fight using words; argue with...)

Get Into Full Swing »
(moving at full speed...)

Get Into High Gear »
(moving more quickly; going fast; working hard; not wasted time...)

Get Into Hot Water »
(get in trouble; another is angry at one...)

Get Into The Act »
(join in on what the others are doing...)

Get Into The Swing Of Things »
(feel comfortable participating in what is going on...)

Go Into Detail »
(explain the thing in more detail...)

Go Into Effect »
(start; begin; apply...)

Go Into Hiding »
(begin hiding; go to where others cannot find one...)

Go Into One's Song And Dance About Something »
(talk about something in a way to try to convince someone...)

Go Into Orbit »
(the satellite is circling around the earth...)

Go Into Something »
(talk about it more; explain it...)

Out Of The Frying Pan (And Into The Fire) »
(to get out of a bad situation and end up in one that is even worse...)

Sink Into Despair »
(lose all feeling of hope...)

Take Someone Into One's Confidence »
(share a secret with that person; tell that person something you don't want others to know...)

Talk Someone Into Doing Something »
(convince that person to do it...)

Whip Something Into Shape »
(make one strong and ready to face a challenge...)

You Fell Into My Trap »
(you were tricked and now you are stuck...)

You're Into It »
(you like that thing; you are enjoying...)

A Kind Of A Something »
(it is like that thing; it fits into the same category as that thing...)

Eyeball To Eyeball »
(the two are standing close looking right into each other's eyes...)

Feed The Kitty »
(you must put money into the "kitty" if you want to gamble while playing cards...)

Haul Someone In »
(pull it in the way one pulls fish into a fishing boat...)

Idle Hands Are The Devil's Tools »
(when you have nothing to do you are more likely to get into trouble...)



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