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"Join" Idioms & Phrases with "Join"
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keyword: Join
If You Can't Beat Them, Join Them »
(since we cannot defeat them, let's work together with them...)

Join Forces With Me »
(become partners; work together; form a team...)

Join Hands »
(holding each other by the hands...)

Join The Club »
(the same thing happened to us, too...)

Cast One's Lot In With Someone »
(join that person and have the same result that they have...)

Fall In »
(join the group of people standing in an organized way...)

Fall In With »
(join a bad group...)

Get In On Something »
(join in on what the others are doing...)

Get In On The Ground Floor »
(join a project at the very beginning; invest early...)

Get Into The Act »
(join in on what the others are doing...)

Jump On The Bandwagon »
(join everyone else in what they are doing...)

Side Against Someone »
(join on the side that is against one...)

Side With Someone »
(to join with that group...)

Sign On With Someone »
(join that team or company...)

Sit Something Out »
(not participate; rest for now; one may join at a later time but not now...)

Take Part In Something »
(join in it; participate...)

Take Sides »
(choose which team one is on; to join one against the other...)



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