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"Keep" Idioms & Phrases with "Keep"
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keyword: Keep
Earn One's Keep »
(work to pay to for membership, i.e. in a home or at a job...)

Earning Your Keep »
(work to pay for your cost of living...)

Keep A Civilized Tongue In Your Head »
(talk politely; not use rude words...)

Keep A Close Rein On Them »
(control them carefully...)

Keep A Stiff Upper Lip »
(be "strong" and unaffected by emotions...)

Keep An Eye On Him »
(watch him carefully...)

Keep Him At Arm's Length »
(don't let him get to close; keep him at a safe distance; watch out for that person...)

A Rolling Stone Gathers No Moss »
(a person who keeps moving does not get stuck; life stays interesting for people who keep moving...)

Bear In Mind »
(remember; don't forget; keep it in mind...)

Bear Someone Or Something In Mind »
(remember it; keep it in mind...)

Bite Your Tongue »
(keep yourself from speaking...)

Finders Keepers, Losers Weepers »
(children's saying: the one who finds the thing should be allowed to keep it; the one who found the thing should be allowed to keep it...)

For Keeps »
(you are allowed to keep it...)

Hang In There »
(keep working hard; don't quit...)

Hang On To It »
(keep that one; don't lose it; don't let her leave you...)

Line One's Own Pockets »
(keep the money for oneself...)

Mum's The Word »
(we won't tell anyone; keep it a secret...)

Take It To One's Grave »
(not tell anyone; keep it as a secret...)



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