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"Leave" Idioms & Phrases with "Leave"
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keyword: Leave
Absent Without Leave »
(one left ones position without permission to leave...)

Take It Or Leave It »
(this is the last offer; either accept or reject this proposal because there will be no more adjustments...)

Take Leave Of One's Senses »
(not act rationally; not act like oneself; lose control...)

Awol »
(a military term for Absence Without Leave; that person left but did not have permission to leave...)

Check Out »
(officially leave some place such as a hotel or hospital...)

Dart In And Out »
(to appear, then leave repeatedly...)

Eat A Meal Out »
(leave one's place to eat a meal at a restaurant...)

Eat And Run »
(eat ones food and then leave right away, which can be considered rude...)

Excuse Yourself »
(one is leaving; one should leave...)

Flunk Out »
(fail and be forced to leave school...)

Force Someone Out Of Office »
(a person is pressured to quit or leave an elected position...)

Get Lost »
(not know where on is; go to where one does not know how to find things; become confused or forget; leave this place...)

Get The Sack »
(get fired; one is forced to leave one's job...)

Go Fly A Kite »
(go away; leave!...)

Hang On To It »
(keep that one; don't lose it; don't let her leave you...)

Shape Up Or Ship Out »
(either do what you should be doing, or leave...)

Slip Away »
(go away quietly; leave without people noticing...)

Slip Out »
(leave quietly; go away without making noise...)

Take Off »
(leave some place, the way a ship or an airplane leaves...)

Take Off After Someone Or Something »
(leave in a hurry to catch them...)

Take Someone Hostage »
(a crime where a person is stolen; a person is taken illegally and lot allowed to leave...)



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