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"Look" Idioms & Phrases with "Look"
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keyword: Look
A Far Away Look »
(a look in ones eyes when one is not focused on the present moment; the way a person looks when they are thinking of other times or places...)

A Far Off Look »
(an expression that a person has when they are not aware of what is going on around them...)

Get A Dirty Look From Someone »
(the person has an expression which shows they are angry or upset with you...)

Look Down On Someone Or Something »
(not respect that one...)

Look Forward To Something »
(be eager for it...)

Look Good On Paper »
(it seems like a good plan; we are not yet certain that the plan will work...)

Look High And Low For Someone Or Something »
(try to find it in many places...)

Look In On Someone Or Something »
(check to see if that person is okay...)

Look Like A Million Dollars »
(looks really good...)

Look Like Something The Cat Dragged In »
(looking terrible as if one has been through a very bad experience...)

Look Out »
(be careful...)

Look Someone In The Eye »
(be direct with that person; do not hide; do not turn away when that person looks at you...)

Look Someone In The Face »
(face the danger; do not hide; do not run away; accept the problem...)

Take A Look At That »
(look at that...)

Take A Look For It »
(look for it; spend time trying to find it...)

A Diamond In The Rough »
(a wonderful thing whose value is not seen easily at first look...)

A Feather In One's Cap »
(what happened makes one feel proud and look good to others...)

A Marvel To Behold »
(something wonderful to look at and consider...)

Barking Up The Wrong Tree »
(look for it in the wrong place...)

Building You Up »
(saying things to make you look good or feel good...)

Cause A Stir »
(cause people to look and ask questions or make comments...)

Do A Double Take »
(look at something, look away, then look back at the thing a second time...)

Feast Your Eyes On This »
(look at this; you are going to see something great...)

Fit Someone To A T »
(that suits you; that size and look is perfect for you...)

Get A Load Of Someone Or Something »
(take a look at that...)

Get An Eyeful Of Someone Or Something »
(take a look at that...)

Go Over Something With A Fine Tooth Comb »
(look carefully to find something wrong with it...)

In Disguise »
(pretending to be someone else; trying to look like another...)

In Drag »
(a man dressed in a woman's clothing, trying to look like a woman...)

Stand Out »
(look different from the others...)

Stare Someone In The Face »
(look directly at that thing; see it clearly...)

Take A Gander At Someone Or Something »
(look at that and be prepared for something interesting...)

Take A Peep »
(look at it very quickly and briefly...)

Take Attendance »
(look at the list of names to be sure everyone is there...)

Take Inventory »
(look inward to count what one has...)

Zoom In On Someone Or Something »
(focus on; look at more closely as if through a camera...)



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