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"Looking" Idioms & Phrases with "Looking"
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keyword: Looking
Looking A Gift Horse In The Mouth »
(questioning the value of something you have received for free...)

Looking For Trouble »
(doing something that will cause problems...)

Things Are Looking Up »
(the situation is getting better...)

A Leading Question »
(a question asked when one is looking for a certain answer...)

A Wild Goose Chase »
(one is running around looking in many places but will not find the thing...)

Chance Upon Someone Or Something »
(discover something by accident; find something without looking for it...)

Eyeball To Eyeball »
(the two are standing close looking right into each other's eyes...)

Find Someone Guilty »
(decide that one is guilty, after looking at the evidence...)

Find Someone Innocent »
(decide that one is innocent, after looking at the evidence...)

Fit The Bill »
(it is what you are looking for; it is what you wanted...)

Go On A Fishing Expedition »
(one is looking for something; trying to find something that one is looking for...)

In A Bad Way »
(not looking good; not strong nor healthy...)

In Retrospect »
(looking back on what happened...)

In Style »
(popular; looking good; what people want to be doing...)

In The Market For That »
(looking to buy that thing...)

Look Like Something The Cat Dragged In »
(looking terrible as if one has been through a very bad experience...)

On The Same Page »
(different people are looking at an issue in the same way, as when reading from the same page...)



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