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"Lost" Idioms & Phrases with "Lost"
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keyword: Lost
A Lost Cause »
(one will lose; it is impossible for that one to succeed; one has no chance to win; one should expect to lose; it will surely fail...)

Almost Lost It »
(almost lost control of one's thoughts, one's feelings, or one's body; almost started laughing; almost vomited...)

Get Lost »
(not know where on is; go to where one does not know how to find things; become confused or forget; leave this place...)

Lost His Head »
(he got so upset that he lost control of his actions...)

A Goner »
(one who has lost or will surely lose...)

At Risk »
(there is a possibility that it could be lost or harmed...)

At Stake »
(what can be gained or lost; this thing could be lost...)

Down The Drain »
(it has disappeared and it gone; it is lost...)

Down The Tubes »
(it is lost and gone; the thing got ruined...)

Easy Come, Easy Go »
(something which we get easily can be lost easily also...)

For Safekeeping »
(so it does not get lost or stolen...)

Have A Blowout »
(one has lost the tire of ones car, bike or motorcycle...)

Say Uncle »
(quit; give up; say that you lost; admit that you are the loser...)



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