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"Money" Idioms & Phrases with "Money"
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A Fool And His Money Are Easily Parted »
(foolish people lose money easily...)

A Fool And His Money Are Soon Parted »
(foolish people lose money easily; it is foolish to waste money...)

Fork Money Out For Something »
(to pay for something when you don't want to pay...)

In The Money »
(have a lot of money; become rich...)

Money Does Not Grow On Trees »
(earning money takes a lot of hard work...)

Money Is The Root Of All Evil »
(wanting more money causes people do very bad things...)

Set Someone Back Some Amount Of Money »
(one had to pay that amount of money; it cost that much...)

Time Is Money »
(time is valuable; wasting time has the same result as wasting money...)

A Penny Saved Is A Penny Earned »
(saving money is just as important as earning money...)

Balance The Books »
(make sure the money spent is not more than the money earned...)

Breaking Even »
(getting back the same amount of money that you spend...)

Breaking The Bank »
(spending more money than you have...)

Bring Home The Bacon »
(make money to support the family...)

Bringing Home The Bacon »
(earning money and taking it home for the family...)

Cutting Corners »
(spending less money and doing cheaper quality work...)

Delivering The Goods »
(give them what they paid money to get...)

Do Something For A Living »
(the work you do to earn the money to pay your expenses...)

Doing All Right For Yourself »
(making money and succeeding at your work and in your life...)

Expense Is No Object »
(do not worry about the cost; I can pay a lot of money for it...)

Extend Someone Credit »
(allow a customer to pay at a future time for goods given now; lend someone money to be paid back later...)

Extending Credit »
(allow a customer to pay at a future time for goods given now; lend someone money to be paid back later...)

Feed The Kitty »
(you must put money into the "kitty" if you want to gamble while playing cards...)

Feel The Pinch »
(one has less money to spend because of hard times...)

Flat Broke »
(having no money at all...)

Float A Loan »
(put up an amount of money to be loaned...)

For Chicken Feed »
(for almost no money...)

For Free »
(it does not require any money...)

Get Along On A Shoestring »
(be able to live while spending very little money...)

Give A Blank Check To Someone »
(give someone the freedom to spend as much money as they think they need...)

In Debt »
(one owes money; one has borrowed money but not yet paid it back...)

Jump Bail »
(one has given money to the court to get out of jail temporarily, then one runs away...)

Laughing All The Way To The Bank »
(one is happy because one got a lot of money...)

Line One's Own Pockets »
(keep the money for oneself...)

Live Beyond One's Means »
(spend more money than one is able to earn...)

On A Shoestring »
(while spending very little money...)

On Credit »
(paid for by borrowing money; one buys the thing now and will pay later...)

Out Of Pocket Expenses »
(one has to pay with one's own money...)

Penny-Wise, Pound-Foolish »
(cautious with small amounts of money, but careless with larger amounts...)

Riding The Gravy Train »
(getting money from...)

Save Up For Something »
(save money for the future...)

Stick em Up »
(put your hands up in the air, I am going to take your money...)

Take Out A Loan »
(borrow money from a bank...)

Take Someone To The Cleaners »
(take all of that person's money...)

Well Off »
(more polite way to say that someone has a lot of money...)



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