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"Never" Idioms & Phrases with "Never"
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A Little Hard Work Never Hurt Anyone »
(it is good to work hard sometimes; one should not complain about working hard because it is a good thing...)

A Little Hard Work Never Killed Anyone »
(working hard does one good...)

Better Late Than Never »
(doing it late is better than not doing it...)

Never Been So Lucky »
(something very fortunate happened...)

Never Fear »
(don't worry; you will be safe...)

Never Had It So Good »
(this is great; we are happy...)

Never Mind »
(forget that...)

Never Would Have Guessed »
(that surprises me...)

Truer Words Were Never Spoken »
(I totally agree with what you just said...)

A Pipe Dream »
(it is wished for but it will probably never happen...)

Gentle As A Lamb »
(very gentle; would never hurt others...)

Like Nothing On Earth »
(something like that had never been seen before...)

Two Wrongs Don't Make A Right »
(it is never right to do wrong to another person...)

When Hell Freezes Over »
(it will never happen...)

When Pigs Fly »
(that thing will never happen...)

Wouldn't Dream Of Doing Something »
(I would never do that...)



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