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"Only" Idioms & Phrases with "Only"
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Beauty Is Only Skin Deep »
(being handsome or pretty does not mean that person is good; being handsome or pretty does not mean that person is good...)

A Little Knowledge Is A Dangerous Thing »
(people who have only a little knowledge about something often make big mistakes because they think they know more than they actually know...)

All In The Family »
(only for members of our family...)

All Work And No Play Makes Jack A Dull Boy »
(a children's rhyme that says one is bored - and boring - if one only works; a person who only works becomes boring because doing fun things makes life interesting...)

At Half Mast »
(it is placed only halfway up the post...)

Fair Weather Friend »
(a friend you can only trust in good times...)

Full Of Oneself »
(overconfident; caring only about oneself...)

Get By On Something »
(able to live or survive with only that thing...)

Get By With Something »
(able to function or continue with only that thing...)

Go It Alone »
(be the only one; do it or go there without anyone else...)

Jump To Conclusions »
(one only knows a little information, but one thinks one knows what will happen...)

Lay Low »
(hide; only go places where others do not see one...)

Live Within One's Means »
(only buy things that one can afford...)

On A Diet »
(eating less food, usually one is trying to become thinner; eating only certain kinds of food...)

See Red »
(become so angry that one can only feel the anger and is not able to think...)

Share And Share Alike »
(children's saying: only if you share with others, will others share with you...)

Take Someone Or Something At Face Value »
(expect from that thing only what it is actually worth; don't hope for more; it is what it appears to be...)

The Be All And The End All »
(the only thing that one cares about; the only thing that one cares about...)

You Can't Judge A Book By Its Cover »
(don't make judgments based only on appearances...)



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