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"Plan" Idioms & Phrases with "Plan"
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keyword: Plan
An Axe To Grind »
(you plan to express your anger to that person...)

Arrange To Do Something With Someone »
(make a plan with that person...)

Bargain For Something »
(expect that it would happen; plan for it; be prepared for it...)

Bargain On Something »
(expect plan that it would happen...)

Bump Into »
(one's body accidentally hits another; one did not plan to meet the other...)

Falling Into His Trap »
(be tricked by that person's plan...)

For The Moment »
(this is the plan for now, but it may change...)

Go Out With Someone »
(go on a date with that person; make a plan and spend time with one...)

Look Good On Paper »
(it seems like a good plan; we are not yet certain that the plan will work...)

On Board »
(on the ship; one agrees with the plan...)

Scale Something Down »
(make the plan smaller; do something less difficult...)

Slated For Something »
(planned for that; that is the plan...)

Wing It »
(do it without a detailed plan...)



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