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"Play" Idioms & Phrases with "Play"
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A Game That Two Can Play »
(you will do to that person the wrong that they did to you...)

A Play By Play Description »
(description of a game done as a narration of what is happening...)

All Work And No Play Makes Jack A Dull Boy »
(a children's rhyme that says one is bored - and boring - if one only works; a person who only works becomes boring because doing fun things makes life interesting...)

Child's Play »
(childish behavior; not serious work; acting childlike...)

Foul Play »
(cheating; trickery; unfair or illegal actions...)

When The Cat's Away, The Mice Will Play »
(when the person of authority is away, the others act less responsibly...)

All's Well That Ends Well »
(the name of a play written by Shakespeare; as long as the ending is good, what happened before is good too...)

Fiddle Around With Someone Or Something »
(play with something irresponsibly...)



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