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"Upset" Idioms & Phrases with "Upset"
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keyword: Upset
Bug Out »
(get upset; lose control...)

Down In The Dumps »
(upset, bothered, sad; feeling sad, low, depressed...)

Flip One's Lid »
(become very upset and explode in anger; become crazy...)

Flip One's Wig »
(become very upset and explode in anger; become crazy...)

Flying Off The Handle »
(getting upset and going out of control...)

Get A Dirty Look From Someone »
(the person has an expression which shows they are angry or upset with you...)

Get Worked Up Over Something »
(get angry or upset about what happened...)

Got A Bee In Her Bonnet »
(informal: very upset; angry; disturbed...)

Have A Bee In One's Bonnet »
(angry and upset about something...)

Have A Case Against Someone »
(one has a reason to be upset with that person...)

Have A Chip On One's Shoulder »
(one is upset about something that happened in the past...)

Have A Conniption Fit »
(get very upset and angry in a childish way...)

Have A Fit »
(get very upset...)

Lost His Head »
(he got so upset that he lost control of his actions...)

Nose Out Of Joint »
(upset about what happened...)

Simmer Down »
(relax; quiet down; take it easy; don't be so upset...)

The Straw That Broke The Camel's Back »
(one last thing that finally made the you upset...)

Worked Up About Something »
(get excited and upset...)

Worked Up Over Something »
(get excited and upset...)

You Scared The Hell Out Of Me »
(What you did scared me and I still get a bit upset when I remember it; what you did frightened me very suddenly...)



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