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The Ball Is In Your Court »
(it is your turn to do something...)

The Devil Is In The Details »
(the difficult part is in the many small details...)

The Jury Is Out »
(it is still being decided...)

The Sky Is The Limit »
(the possibilities are endless...)

To Err Is Human, To Forgive Divine »
(when people do things wrong we should try hard to forgive them because all people make mistakes...)

Beating A Dead Horse »
(forcing an issue that is already closed...)

Biting Off More Than You Can Chew »
(taking on a challenge that is too big...)

In Over Your Head »
(the situation is too difficult for you...)

Its Anyone's Call »
(it is difficult to judge the outcome of a competition...)

Method To My Madness »
(what appears to by crazy action is actually done for a good reason...)

On Your Last Leg »
(the end is near...)

Out Of The Frying Pan (And Into The Fire) »
(to get out of a bad situation and end up in one that is even worse...)

Protest Too Much »
(you tend not to believe a person because they insist too strongly that something is not true...)

Round About »
(a way that is not the most direct...)

Second Nature »
(something which is very natural for you to do...)

Two Wrongs Don't Make A Right »
(it is never right to do wrong to another person...)

Without A Doubt »
(it is certain...)



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