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Today's Idiom = "Preaching To The Choir"
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Preaching To The Choir ( trying to make believers out of people who already believe ... )

"Preaching To The Choir"

"Preaching to the choir", "preaching to the chorus", and "preaching to the converted" all mean the same thing, that the people you are trying to convince already believe in what you are saying.

Example: "I agree with you entirely; you are preaching to the choir."

You are "preaching to the choir" when you talk (preach) to people to convince them of something they already believe.

Example: "Don't just stand there preaching to the choir; get out and find new members!"

The members of the "choir" play the music, while those in the "chorus" sing along, as the preacher preaches to change (convert) the non-believers into believers ("the converted"). People tell you that you are "preaching to the converted" to let you know they support your idea; they also might be saying you don't need so spend so much energy to make them believe what they already believe.

Example: "You don't need to tell me this project is important; you're preaching to the converted."

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