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Today's Idiom = "Curiosity Killed The Cat"
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Curiosity Killed The Cat ( curiosity can be dangerous ... )

"Curiosity Killed The Cat"

Curiosity killed the cat reminds us that being too curious can be dangerous.

Example: "What do you think is down that dark street?" Reply: "I would rather not find out. Curiosity killed the cat."

Curiosity killed the cat recalls a story in which "the cat" was killed because he was too curious and followed "curiosity" too far.

Example: "That reporter has been asking a lot of questions and the boss doesn't like it." Reply: "Curiosity killed the cat."

Cats are curious animals that like to investigate, but their curiosity can take them places where they might get hurt. Children especially, like cats, are curious and like to test to find out what is dangerous.

Example: "My son stuck his finger into the electrical outlet and got a huge shock! He said he wanted to find out how it would feel." Reply: "It's a good thing he wasn't hurt! Curiosity killed the cat."

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